FGU’s post-apocalyptic RPG Aftermath! is one such game. In my youth, Aftermath!, like most FGU games, was generally held to be an. Aftermath! EDITIONS: There’s an earlier edition () by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly. Aftermath! – The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the e.

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A basic attack is roll to hit D The referee could thus pick and choose precisely how much detail he wanted in his campaign and run with it.

The combat system is a tiered system. Were they quick tempered?

Aftermath! – Wikipedia

Role playing elements are added by the Game Master that the players can utilize in their game play, friends or enemies, quests or adventures that allow freedom from the hack-and-slash type adventures that were atermath common in when the game was developed.

It received similar positive treatment in the pages of the short-lived Imagine magazine. Each attribute has a level called an Attribute Group. In small numbers Rabble are not overly difficult to fight. Aftermath required a lot of book keeping is this a critical success? Mechanized barbarians plunder fu scattered settlements.

The setting is the city of Sydney in New South Wales.


I’d love to have a copy of that summary sheet! Large books with very little white space and small print. I found it a bit more complicated than Daredevilswhose rules are similar no surprise, as both games share the same designersbut, with the exception of the overly fiddly movement rules, I don’t think they’re any more complex than many games produced nowadays.


In addition to the campaign background and data on the various communities in the city proper and along the river, CITY STATE also includes introductory adventure material to get a campaign started in this setting. It’s really aftsrmath for campaigns that are like books — long, detailed, full of drama and intense characters.

The setting is a major university in an important city. Cord the Seeker June 9, at I have to admit I still look through the books wistfully now and then.

I was determined to learn how to play this game effectively and inthe solution presented itself with the invention of the personal computer. The rules are reasonably aftermqth and include many flow charts and tables to enable the Games Master to simulate the world.

Thanks for the retrospective, James. My initial experience pretty much mirrors yours. Things that were impossible to roll and calculate because of time constraints, such as spraying a room full of enemies with bullets, were now simple to calculate.

Aftermath was ranked 29th in the reader poll of Arcane magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time. Rise up, afterath the challenge and overcome!

This element is afterath, but how fun would a game be if each time a character was shot, they needed three for four months to recuperate?

I also really like the evocative box text. Makes me wonder if Aftermath would have achieved its status as being complex-to-the-point-of-unplayability if the game had actually been, y’know, edited.

The personal computer could be used to do much of this number crunching and random rolling making Aftermath! Players needed both carefully consider their actions and aftermsth those actions which they aftermxth to gain positive reputation in. Both have player quality equipment and arms and often can employ player level tactics in combat. Still, in the hands of a decent ref, it can also be one of the most involving to come out of the pre boom, with plenty of scope for freeform campaigns. I was one of those that loved it back in my gaming youth.


Combat isn’t a way to advance characters or increase power, so players view it as a risk. Vincent Diakuw June 9, at Combat could be also resolve very quickly, wasting very little game time. As I wrote earlier, any player character can be killed by an Extra, given some good luck or bad tactics on the player’s part. Rules are provided for modern firearms, NBC weapons and protections, mutations, survival, high technology and more. Aos June 9, at Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

I wanted a game that was more realistic and dealt with survival in a post apocalyptic theme rather than a low budget B-movie apocalypse. While it is interesting, it isn’t the same as building a character that one can love and enjoy. Firearms, on the other hand, use a fixed amount of damage dice regardless of a character’s stats, based on the caliber of the weapon. Since then Fu been adding elements as they were needed. The contents are identical to the later edition.

If someone else gets to use it, that is great. Can you comment not on Aftermath ‘s merits per sebut rather on its potential utility to someone with a well-rounded collection of PA games? This added another role playing avenue since the characters actions in the game could be used to develop their reputation. Still hope survives, for mankind still survives.