Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide, which presents the story of a knight and his .. a todas las novelas de Troyes y ya lo había comprobado anteriormente. CHRETIEN DE TRO YES’ EREC ET ENIDE. AND C IST E R C IA N S P IR IT U A L IT Y. Patricia Ann Quattrin, M.A.. Western Michigan University, So Chretien de Troyes maintains that one ought always to After them there swiftly followed a knight, named Erec.

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This is a fun medieval tale as well as a fabulous allegory. Since they are out of copyright, these translations are now being reprinted, complete or one at drec time. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much.

Courageous men-sword fighting, the whole bit. This is the old, and obsolete, W. I had to read it for school, but I found myself enjoying the whole story. They spend a lot of time together, however, his friends start gossiping about his recent lack of adventures. To ask other readers questions about Erec and Enideplease sign up. Cline further provides a history background for the poem within the eref and the notes section. He commands her to be silent throughout, but she disobeys several times to warn him of danger.

Mar 11, Imelda rated it it was ok. This is how our modern romantic comedies work, and how Shakespeare and Austen and so many others work.

The last quarter of the poem adds another episode, referred to as the “Joy of the Court,” in which Erec and Enide set free prisoners and meet relations, before in time they are crowned King and Queen of Nantes in a lavishly described ceremony.


Consequently, he takes her on such an adventure, asking her to never speak with him unless spoken to first. Maybe his helmet destroyed all his peripheral view, haha.

He tells her not to speak to him as they travel, meaning that if enemies come to attack Erec, he expects Enide not to warn him. Found it very interesting how not about Arthur it was, as a whole. Even as stories like those in A Game of Thrones satirise the knightly outlook, Erec and Enide represents transparent ideals of love, married life, the behaviours and duties of husband and wife and growing up.


Dec 08, Othy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: His poetry is marked by a learning and a taste for dialectic acquired in Latin schools; but at the same time it reveals a warm human sympathy which breathes life into characters and situations.

In each adventure of Erec, he overcomes all odds. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Story Two is the epitome of courtly love between Alexander, a Greek knight visiting King Arthur’s Court, and errc of Troyed ladies.

{PDF} Chrétien de Troyes – Erec y Enide {eBook}

Approximately the first quarter of Erec and Enide recounts the tale of Erec son of Lac, and his marriage to Enidean impoverished daughter of a Vavasor from Lalut.

The most interesting thing about this story is the situation itself: The stories go on into their married chreien, already, something unusual. I always feel as if I’m missing some substantial literary devices, reading in translation.

University of Georgia, Popular in its own day, the poem was translated into several other languages, notably German in Hartmann von Aue ‘s Erec and Welsh in Geraint and Enidone of the Three Welsh Romances included in the Mabinogion. Oct 01, Rose rated toyes really liked it. Interesting how there are constant Classical references and allusions though, to an extent that there aren’t in the others.

Erec and Enide – Wikipedia

Dat kan toch niet de bedoeling zijn. Il affronte enfin la “Joie de la Cour”: Ruth Harwood Cline’s English translation of this twelfth century poem, written by Chretien de Troyes, touches our senses by its rhythms and I am not a scholar.

Erec beats him, they all realize wnide know each other, then Erec and Enide are crowned.

This is a very enjoyable story if you like knights bashing each other with swords and lances, exposed brains, losing consciousness from blood loss, and manipulative women who like to watch men fight. Each test proved both Erec and Enide more worthy of attaining their goal with the final test being the “Court of Joy.

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People might not have wholeheartedly believed in knights, but they dreamed of these valued, highlights of a more civilised world than reality could offer. He nearly ends up dying from his wounds, she nearly ends up married by force, but he wakes up in time, chops up husband No. They are rich in ” chivalric customs and ideals and have little in common with their Celtic prototypes. I must say that it is a great diversion after a stressful day, a welcome read. One of the first grail stories, it is intriguingly different from what has become the almost cliche perception of grail stories.

Erec and Enide

He overhears Enide crying over this and orders her to prepare for a journey to parts unknown. The Celtic legend, Griselda, which I have not read and is mentioned in the introduction, forms the skeleton of Erec and Enide’s story. When the lovers become estranged because Erec neglects his knightly obligations, they subseq Erce and Enide marks the birth of the Arthurian romance as a literary genre.

He is so ensnared of her beauty and virtue that he suspends his life of dueling, which starts tongues wagging around Court that he has most his courage. I noticed the Arthurian legend and the Christian symbolism portrayed through the characters of Erec, Enide and King Arthur. As to the tale itself, I thought the translation was fairly good, although I would have loved to see it published alongside the original lyrics. For being a egec older text I found it to be quite readable and easy to understand.

The poem comprises 6, octosyllables in rhymed couplets.