Find out more on how the Citroën C4 range is being updated with a second- generation update with a new light signature, technologies and. Citroen C4 Exclusive Auto MY Hatch, 5 door; 3 cyl, T Petrol – Premium ULP; 6 spd, Sports Automatic; Front Wheel Drive. Released: May RedBook’s used car price search lets you check the value of a new car before you buy or sell. We are the pre-eminent provider of new car prices, values, vehicle.

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Comfortable and quiet on the move. The new lights underline the clean pure lines of the boot lid to accentuate the prestige of this compact hatchback. Adjust the position of the steering wheel for height and reach. I cannot find the way to display how far the remaining fuel in the citgoen will take me.

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A – access to the “Main menu” B – scrolling in the display menus. Deactivation of automatic wipe Go to position I bbook return to position 0.

Literature Type see all. This allows from the front, deactivation of the opening Personal security of the rear doors and the When the vehicle is started, the use of the rear windows. Make a sales enquiry.

Note When selecting reverse – When you engage reverse gear, – The proximity sensors cannot detect gear, a short audible sig- a sound signal informs you that the obstacles situated immediately nal followed by another system is active.


C O M F O R T Air conditioning At any time of year, the air condition- Water arising from condensation in ing is useful for removing air humidity the air conditioning is allowed to drain and misting.

Check before you buy with My Car Check 1 in 4 used vehicles have a hidden history: Based on the 3-cylinder architecture of the naturally aspirated engines in the PureTech family, the turbocharged versions are equipped with an advanced, high-performance turbo compressor ,rpm and a central high-pressure direct injection system bars.

When the vehicle crosses a line and the turn signal has not been turned on, the driver is warned cjtroen one of two vibrating mechanisms in the seat cushion. Got one to sell? Car of the Year Competition. It takes over from the ASR traction control function to optimise traction and keep the car on course.

Citroen C4 Price Guide | Honest John

Please see attached photographs and if you require any further details we will be only too happy to assist. A C C E S S Guide-me-home lighting Take care not to place the remote control in contact with grease or A press on button C operates the dust, or leave it in the rain or in a damp environment. Control B is inactive if the vehicle has been locked with the remote control or with the key. M u l t i f u n c t i o n d i s p l a y Display A Display C or NaviDrive continued Range this indicates the mileage that can still be travelled using the fuel remaining in the tank.


EU type approval number. It monitors the area from the front rear view mirror to about 5m behind the rear bumper and 3. Inside the burning to the head, chest or arms Do not put your feet on the dash- cabin, the seat belt is the Advanced technology in the spotlight.

Left hand rear window control. The journeys d4 using B select the trip computer Journeys 1 and 2 are identical but icon, then validate by pressing C.

Citroën C4 New Range

The simultaneous use of other windows, deadlocking high frequency equipment mobile telephones, domestic alarms Best available rate 9. When the alarm is armed, the protections become active within The installation also includes a siren The C4 New Range features a new-generation light signature.

A balanced exterior styling synonymous with robustness and muscular body lines.

Refine Your Search Results Make: When the distance remaining to be travelled is less than about 25 km approx. For access to it: Citroen C4 Picasso – Car Brochure – The cabin features best-in-class materials: No extra adjustment is necessary.