Constructivismo En Psicoterapia: Michael Mahoney, Robert A. Neimeyer: Books – Constructivismo en psicoterapia – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free. Mahoney. Neimeyer y Mahoney – Constructivismo en Psicoterapia – Cap 11 – Sin Ed – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The primary focus of my research has been to advance the understanding of interpersonal construing and furthering the To this aim, personal construct and self-regulation theories have been important sources of inspiration for implementation, both in research and in practice.

Our work is conducted using methods derived from these approaches such as textual analysis and the Repertory Grid Technique RGT. The latter is an instrument that enables the practitioner to better grasp the cognitive structures used by the individual to ascribe personal meanings to ongoing events. These personal meanings are essential for the understanding of how a person responds to the situations he or she encounters failure, loss, illness, trauma, separation, success, etc.

One of our main contributions to the existing literature was the identification of conflicts in the cognitive structure of subjects assessed using the RGT. Said conflicts turn into personal dilemmas the person faces in the process of living, thus blocking his or her development or progress either in life or in psychotherapy.

Constructivismo En Psicoterapia Robert Neimeyer Michael J. Mahoney

We have set up a research network, psivoterapia Multi-center Dilemma Project www. Our studies show that cognitive conflicts, although also present in the cognitive structures of non-clinical samples, are more prevalent and frequent in various clinical conditions depression, anxiety, bulimia nervosa, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, women victims of intimate partner violence and others.

Moreover, people lacking dilemmas in their grids report higher levels of happiness. Our preliminary studies in the areas of loss and trauma suggest that unresolved internal conflicts might hinder the natural healing processes that would facilitate a better life for these people. The primary focus of my research has been to advance the understanding of interpersonal construing and furthering the knowledge of its role in health both mental psictoerapia physical and in the process of psychotherapy.

Psicotreapia of treatment outcomes in severe personality disorder patients with or without substance use disorders: Aproximaciones a la psicoterapia: A Person-Context Diagram more. Personal Construct Psychology and Dilemmas. Resolution of dilemmas by personal construct phychotherapy more. Resolution of dilemmas by personal constructivismoo psychotherapy. Advances in Theory, Practice and Research pp.

Personal constructs in systemic practice more. American Psychological Association Publication Date: Postprint of the book chapeter titled “Constructivism in psychotherapy”, In Robert A. Neimeyer and Michael J. Neimeyer, ; Ryle, Constructivismo en psicoterapia Neimeyer, R. En torno a la fibromialgia more.


Todo ello contribuye a incrementar el malestar provocado por la fibromialgia. Universidad de Guanajuato Publication Date: Eficacia de la psicoterapia: Investigaciones de resultados more.

articles&chapters – drmichaelmahoney

Convergent lines of assessment: Systemic and constructivist contributions. Konstrukt-Analyse von texten more. Klinische Forschung und Praxis pp. Personal construct approaches to family therapy more.

Jai Press Publication Date: I disturbi di costruzione more. Nuova Italia Scientifica Publication Date: La psicoterapia constructivista de G. Guillem Feixas Publication Date: Un enfocament constructivista de treball grupal en gerontologia. Lluis Botella, Guillem Feixas Publisher: Lluis Botella y Guillem Feixas Publisher: Constructivismo y Psicoterapia more.

La tecnica de rejilla es un instrumento de evaluacion de las dimensiones y estructura del significado personal que se deriva de la teoria de los constructos personales. Tanto en la version original de G. No se trata, por tanto, de un test convencional, sino de una forma de entrevista estructurada orientada a explicitar y analizar los constructos con los que la persona organiza su mundo.

De la entrevista se genera una matriz de datos que se somete a varios analisis para revelar su estructura implicita. El programa RECORD ofrece los resultados de una forma clara y proporciona ademas una serie de graficos de facil interpretacion.

Todo ello permite dibujar la estructura del mapa cognitivo del sujeto desde su propia semantica, culminando asi, con rigor metodologico, una vieja aspiracion fenomenologica. Se trata de un instrumento muy flexible que puede adaptarse a diversas areas de aplicacion: Constructivismo y psicoterapia more. Content analysis of personal constructs more. In this article we present a system of 45 content categories for analyzing personal constructs elicited in the context of a repertory grid administration.

These categories are divided into six basic psicoteralia Jan 1, Publication Name: Journal of Constructivist …. La ansiedad ante la muerte vista por los hombres y las mujeres.

La Muerte and Ansiedad. The Implicative Dilemma Constructivlsmo is a type of cognitive conflict that is gradually receiving attention of clinical psychologists and researchers, principally those in the field of Personal Construct Psychology PCP. Although research on its Although research on its clinical constructivisjo is promising, there are still some issues regarding its measurement that need further consideration. In this article we try to cover some the most pertinent questions regarding the measurement of IDs, including the psicoteraia of the different arbitrary thresholds used to determine construct association, the efficacy of the different indices commonly used to measure IDs and a verification of the ID not being a mere sub-product of the self-ideal distance.

In addition, we introduce and test a new index that was designed to improve the predictive ability of the ID, based on previous measures. We also constructiviso guidelines for practitioners on how to interpret the indices’ numerical results in relation to major depression. Bibliometric Review of the Repertory Grid Technique: An analysis of previous reviews suggests the need for a more careful and broad process of An analysis of previous reviews suggests the need for a more careful and broad process of bibliographic research.


With this aim, 24 bibliographic sources were used to cover a wide range of specialties. We began by drawing up an explicit protocol in which the research terms were detailed. Then we consulted the bibliographic sources, taking into account a specification of inclusion and exclusion criteria.

As a result of this process, references were obtained: The review also evaluates the types of spicoterapia found, the evolution of the cnstructivismo of works published, the repertory grid’s fields of application, and the degree of openness to other disciplines. The most relevant authors, their affiliations, countries, and the publication language are also revealed in this article, as well as the major journals contributing to dissemination of the work done with this technique.

Apr 1, Publication Psicpterapia Journal of Constructivist Psychology. Personality Psychology and Bibliometrics. La terapia de la coherencia: Psychotherapy and CounselingPsicoterapiaand Memory reconsolidation. Understanding the paranoid psychosis of James: Use of the repertory grid technique for case conceptualization more.

In this paper we illustrate the potential of the repertory grid technique as an instrument for case formulation and understanding of the personal perception and meanings of people with a diagnosis of psychotic disorders. For this purpose, the mahoeny of James is psicoteraipa A young man diagnosed with schizophrenia and personality disorder, with severe persecutory delusions and other positive symptoms that have not responded to antipsychotic medication, as well with depressive symptomatology.

His case was selected because of the way his symptoms are reflected in mahoneey personal perception of self and others, including his main persecutory figure, in the different measures that result from the analysis of his repertory grid.

Constructivismo En Psicoterapia

Some key clinical hypotheses and possible targets for therapy are discussed. Because this assessment is intended as a screening device for rudimentary skill acquisition, assign the The processes involved in construing self and others may The processes involved in construing self and others may play a key role.

However, a precise methodology to study those processes has not yet been developed. These two levels of analysis provide measures of perceived similarity, commonality, and sociality. This article describes the development of CG as an assessment tool with a case illustration. SociologyPsychologyand Constructivist Psychology. Sin embargo, estos conflictos Cuando estos conflictos existen en un sistema personal el cambio se ve bloqueado.

En este estudio se compara una muestra de 69 pacientes diagnosticados por tras Combining group CBT with an individual dilemma-focused intervention: