The guardREC® solution complies with the EUROCAE ED to assist the The Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (ED) is a set of. Std EUROCAE ED Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording – Including Amendment N°1. Context. Related Elements. Std EUROCAE ED EUROCAE and RTCA documents should be listed in an EUROCAE ED Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data. Communications (Baseline 2 Page

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It explicitly covers the exchange of real time Flight Information and Aeronautical information, and makes a number of assumptions about the provision of other types of information for example, consistent meteo and aircraft performance information.

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Rather, it is an euroce to using aeronautical data, based on sharing data between all Partners, ensuring a common view of the ATM and airport environment on all levels. This document defines and allocates the set of minimum requirements for the operational, safety, and performance aspects for initial implementations of data link services supporting Air Traffic Services in continental airspace.

This document expands the previously defined DOA intended function of an SVS beyond that of supplemental view of the external scene to include enhanced aircraft attitude and energy state awareness. It provides background information on the aspects of Safety, Security, Organisational Approvals and Flight Crew proficiency necessary to implement a risk based approach for the approval of operations in VLOS scenarios.

Such a development in aviation operations must be supported by the demonstration ed-11 RPAS meet the current safety requirement and do not decrease the current safety levels.


These systems may be mounted onboard the airplane, or be groundbased. This document is intended to capture minimum interoperability, performance and safety requirements for a service based on data-link communications used for Oceanic Clearance. Issued in March This document describes the simulations conducted, the results obtained and concludes on the acceptability of the MASPS requirements.

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It discusses those aspects of eurocqe certification ed-1111 pertain to the production of software, using formal methods for systems approved using EDC. It allocates these requirements to the airborne, communication and ATS domains and describes acceptable means of demonstrating compliance. This supplement does not alter any existing requirements and does not affect the compliance of any equipment designed to meet the original published document. These standards specify system characteristics that should be useful to designers, manufacturers, installers and users of the equipment.

The information contained in this document has been compiled by industry for the purpose of stating surface mapping information requirements for users such as those described above. This document provides minimum interoperability, performance and safety requirements for the ATIS service based on data communications. This supplement identifies the additions, modifications and deletions to EDC and EDA objectives when object-oriented technology or related techniques are used as part of the software development life cycle and additional guidance is required.


It is incorporated by reference into the requirements specification in Volume I. Change 1 to EDG. These wireless communication eurocse are part of the aircraft configuration and their proper functioning will need to be approved through airworthiness certification authorities.


The document has been updated to address: Issued in September Second generation homing specifications f. Existing safety processes have not had to consider intentional disruption. European Legacy Telephone Interworking – Volume 4: It provides standards for Mode S airborne equipment Mode S. These systems indicate either the presence of ice accreted in flight on monitored surfaces or the presence of icing conditions in the atmosphere.

The standard is intended to support the goal of converging oceanic and continental data link applications. This supplement, in conjunction with EDC, is intended to provide a common framework for the evaluation and euorcae of object-oriented technology OOT and related techniques RT ehrocae systems.

ED-111 – Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (including Amendment N°1 – 30 July 2003)

Attachment A to Volume II: Several are described in this document. Introduce next generation ELTs specifications, b. Compliance with the objectives of EDC is the primary means of obtaining approval of software used in civil aviation products. At the time of publication of ER volumes 1 to 4, volume 5 is still in the process of being developed.

Change 1 to EDB. The document is a coordinated effort with RTCA. The minimum operational performance of onboard inflight icing detection systems eurocxe specified.

No longer maintained Issued in May Issued in November Several initiatives aimed to achieve this integration of RPAS are progressing rapidly and in parallel but their coordination is loose.