A Fire Upon the Deep may be the most exciting and important of all modern future and even mobile phones were still a little exotic, Vernor Vinge had his finger. It’s not that I think A Fire Upon the Deep is perfect, it’s just that it’s got so much in it . There are lots of books that have fascinating universes, and. A perfect example is A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge. It takes all the tropes of space opera, but grounds them in interesting speculations.

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I don’t know, I felt it fit with the message boards of today just as well I read it five years ago. Maybe it’s that I wanted to spend more time further out, in the Transcend or something. The book plays with ideas of sentience, of communication, of information systems. Anuj He was resurrected by an entity that was moderately-godlike.

Pham’s last-moment of realization that dep was in fact a unique and authentic person and not just a wind-up machine from the gods — and yet he can’t tell anyone, so they always get to wonder, much in the way the Blueshell gains its own degree of self-determination in a lonely, unreachable moment.

Is good, because it makes up for the ever-so-slightly leaden narrative, which is verjor bit thin for a pager.

From a distance such weapons were bright spots of light, sometimes an orchestrated flickering.

To do so would be criminal, because Vernor Vinge is just so damn good at what he veernor that talking about Tines or the Zones can’t do them justice. May 29, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: Even Rebecca Black probably sold a million downloads of that terrible days of the week song for toddlers. The Sword and Laser: The humans arrive at the Tines homeworld and ally tire Woodcarver to defeat the Flenserists.


A Fire Upon the Deep

This is going to make me read it again. On my ever-changing best-SF-ever list. A Fire Upon the Deep had both, and suffered a bit for it, at least for me, as I found the pacing uneven. One of my favorite books. Given that humans still exist, tens of thousands of years is probably the right time frame, not millions.

Quick Rules:

The galaxy is divided into four concentric volumes called the “Zones of Thought”; it is not clear to the novel’s fide whether this is a natural phenomenon or an artificially-produced one, but it seems to roughly correspond with galactic-scale stellar density and a Beyond region is mentioned in the Sculptor Galaxy as well. Any user with an extensive history of spoiling books will be banned.

Standing against that, is the Great Hope, something a small gang of brave humans smuggled out the artefact right before it went all apocalyptic.

A Fire Upon the Deep satisfied me in part.

The Blight assumes that it is no threat, but later realizes that it is actually carrying away a “countermeasure” against it. If you get a chance to read the annotated version that was briefly available as an eBook from Fictionwise, it’s fascinating It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres or publishing in a safe, supportive environment.

Along with Deepness in the Sky, right at the top of my favorites list.

Zones of Thought (Literature) – TV Tropes

My reactions to this book went something like this: A Fire Upon the Deep. The first little section of that book is a real tour de force. I’m probably going to explain this poorly my wife looked somewhat unconvinced when I tried to explain it to herbut here goes: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

By vernot end though, I was more interested in finishing vernog see how things worked out rather than being excited to learn what happens next. Definitely take a look at the novella True Names if you like Vinge.


There are two groups of aliens, falling generally into “good guys” and “bad guys”. Ravna is a librarian because she always loved the stories about the Age of Princesses. On the macro scale we have the Blight, an ancient, malevolent virus that takes over everyone in its path, human and alien alike. January book 3 6 Nov 08, And I don’t know why. upn

Just finished A Fire Upon the Deep (Vernor Vinge). Fascinating Sci-Fi! : books

I know I tried it about five years ago and didn’t even make it vingr the prologue. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I tried very hard to like A Fire Upon the Deep. I don’t want the story ruined and I had heard it wasn’t that good. Quotes vernoor A Fire Upon the Deep. The ship carrying the Blight countermeasure has plunged smack into a medieval society ignorant of the inhabited galaxy all around it, let alone the devastating threat descending upon it, and embroiled in its own civil war. Tyrathect claimed to be a school teacher, but somewhere in her him? The Tines character Steel was a more sinister villain.

They are more akin to fantasy than to science fiction. We’d probably need a new word to describe this activity.

Okay, so you have some orphaned children alone on an alien world. The implication being that we’re currently living under the constraints upoj the Singularity, which is why we can’t get AI to work.