Gregory Palamas: The Triads. THE CLASSICS OF WESTERN SPIRITUALITY SERIES. Gregory Palamas: The Triads. Edited with an introduction by John. Read the full-text online edition of The Triads (). Gregory Palamas () monk, archbishop and theologian was a major figure in fourteenth-century Orthodox Byzantium. This, his greatest work, presents .

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On the other hand, if the Energies merely refer to the actions or works erga of God, then even the strict monotheism geegory Maimonides admits this, but in that case the Energies are not to be identified with God Himself. It is incontrovertible that this is an energy of the Divine Nature, for it is essential to God to will. The Father alone is the unoriginated origin or principle without principle arche anarchos. Some nebulous modern theologies would have God improve or perfect Himself by creating the palamae, which is obviously erroneous and heretical.

Said model posits a number of descending hierarchies from The One. Triadz God is anterior and superior to the unoriginate energy. Gregory wrote a number of works in its defense and defended hesychasm at six different synods in Constantinople ultimately triumphing over its attackers in the synod of As a principle, it is an origin. Every union is through contact, Palamas says, invoking philosophy. An Emperor tdiads speak to a common soldier without raising him to the rank of general 3.

Nonetheless, with respect to the world, there are some works that God does and others that He does not do, though He has the power to do those other gtegory. Palamas adds further precaution to this wisdom by introducing the need to separate the good from the bad in order that the medicine may benefit the sick and not harm them.

See Maimonides, Guide for the PerplexedI, palama. And for the most part Palamas, and much of East and West at this time, do not challenge this model for a very beautiful application of it, see John Scotus Eriguena.

Gregory Palamas was canonized as a saint shortly after his death, and, as in the case of Photius, his real virtues are extolled all the more extravagantly triadds he is seen as a bulwark against the supposed heresies of the West.


Gregory Palamas and the Tradition of the Fathers. Kadu rated it it was amazing Nov 23, It might seem that this notion of God contemplating the world before actually creating it implies some sort of potentiality in God.

If energeia is an action or ergonthen this is distinct from the Latin essentia. Palamas has been canonized and his Orthodoxy vindicated and integrated into the yearly liturgical cycle of ecclesial life of the East while Barlaam and his errors condemned and anathematized. A subordination of accidents in Triade is no less objectionable than a subordination of persons, for this triiads imply that there is something in God that is not ontologically absolute, yet God in His fullness is metaphysically necessary.

For example, the energies are not unique to a single person but common to all three who act together. Only its activity with respect to the determinate world has grevory beginning in time. Yet, in keeping with the practice of the Greek Fathers, he refers to these energies in the plural, to correspond with the plurality of definite interior and exterior works erga of God.

Perhaps there is some sense in which the absolutely unoriginate divine attributes or virtues are outside of God, truly erga rather than energeiai. III, iii, 12 The same energy that reveals God also makes man God-like, since no creature can perceive God by its own natural power. Palamas does not continue the thought. Deifying grace is not identical with the subjective perception of the recipient.

To extricate himself from this difficulty, Palamas admits that the existence of the powers is created, i. If the Divine Essence is not God, then what is it?

Recall that Aristotle uses the term dynamis or power to refer to potentiality in several different senses. Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy.

Barlaam accuses the use of the Jesus Prayer as being a practice of Bogomilism. Maximus the Confessor c. If the divine energies are fully God, then how can they appear to the saint without the mediation of hiearchies? BQ M34 Primary Resources: It is not potential dynamisthough in the case of God we also describe palammas as power dynamis since there is no prior potential to which we can refer its ability to act, as there is nothing but actuality in the unoriginate God.


The Triads (Classics of Western Spirituality Series)

In fact, his assertion that the energies and even some erga are unoriginate emphasizes the pure actuality of God, in whom nothing is unrealized or incomplete. This illustrates the sense in which there can be one Essence and many energies in God, where the latter are not substantially distinct from the Essence.

Gregory taught that the energies or operations of God were uncreated. On this much, the Greek Fathers, Palamas, and the West are in agreement. Athanasius Discourses Against the Arians.

Though the hesychast controversy was undoubtedly aggravated by historical circumstances favorable to anti-Latin zeal, there are legitimate concerns that hesychasm and Latin theology may be incompatible, which is a serious problem now that hesychasm has come to be regarded as an indispensable component of Orthodox spiritual tradition.

Throughout his polemic he maintains the apophaticism of the East, using Dionysius the Areopagite, while defending the the mystical perception and union through the uncreated trixds.

The Triads – Saint Gregory Palamas, Gregorius (Palamas.) – Google Books

It is better simply to accept that we intend our terms to designate that which transcends our comprehension, rather than quibble over the choice of label. Thus it would seem that there is real power in God distinct from realized actions, without prejudice to the truth that there is no deficiency or existential potentiality in the Divine Essence. The Essence is superior to the kataphatic attributes or energies in the sense of being utterly undefinable and illimitable.