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A canopy or awning as claimed in claim 25wherein the first and the second motors are synchronized so as to maintain tension in the screen.

Tension in the screen is maintained by controlling the motor which drives the storage roller 2 and the motors which drive the winches in the same manner halcomsater described above in relation to the first embodiment.

Slave end unit 21 is provided with a slave PCB 50which provides power to motor 9 S via a local power management unit, motor driver and motor connector 51 in a similar manner to the master end unit A method of operating a retractable awning comprising the steps of: The slave PCB 50 also has slave local controller The support pole 18 is typically embedded in the ground and is angled slightly away from the vertical in a direction substantially opposite to that in which tension is to be applied.

A signal from the limit switch indicating that an obstacle has been encountered may be used to halt the canopy motors and storage roller motor. If the end points of halcomastfr screen are support poles, this may be achieved by making one support pole higher than the other.

EAN – Simu Halco Master Pro Und Pro/L Regensensor | UPC Lookup

If a conflict arises between the position indicated by the rotary encoders and that suggested by a limit switch trigger, then the limit switch takes priority. This third halcomasrer of the invention is the same as the second embodiment in all respects except that the tension sensors are positioned between the cables 22000 and the corners of the screen 3.

Apparatus for opening and closing a flexible screen in a greenhouse or the hhalcomaster. It also halcoaster a signal to the motion control PCB 34 of the main unit to stop the AC motor rotating the storage roller. However, preferably the tension meter is not connected to the tensile wire or to the screen, but is connected to the end supports.

The rotary encoder 11 M of the master end unit monitors how far along the cable the master end unit has travelled, and feeds this information to the master local controller. Driving and tensioning device for a flexible hlcomaster member such as a strip, curtain or skirt. In such cases, as the screen is rolled up, it is displaced gradually further and further along the storage roller in the axial direction. Such a method may broadly comprise the steps of operating a first motor to extend the screen; and operating a second motor to retract the screen; further comprising operating a control unit to control the first and second motors.


Motion commands are deployed to the master end unit 20 via this connection together with information from rotary encoder 40 and destination position halcomsster from the controller As shown in more detail in FIG.

However, with larger screens, spanning a greater length, the angle of the screen cannot be made too steep without either raising the rear end of the screen or lowering the front end of the screen by excessive amounts.

However, it is particularly preferred for a plurality of first motors to be provided, most preferably one for each tensile wire. The master controller 64 tells the motion control PCB 34 that the end position has been reached.

Cutler, Daniel Geneva, CH. They may be located at the point of attachment to the screen. The weight of the screen is supported entirely by the wires.

The covering apparatus is preferably an awning or canopy and in one preferred arrangement, the screen is arranged to extend along a plurality of tensile wires. The retractable awning according to claim 23, wherein the motor is arranged to ha,comaster drive the roller via a differential gear mechanism at different speeds. In order to extend the screen, the clamping systems haocomaster released and pulled along the wires, thereby extending the hallcomaster with respect to the wires.

The covering apparatus 1 comprises a storage roller 2 at the trailing end of a screen 3. A tension sensor is placed on each side of the canopy so that the tension on both sides can be sensed simultaneously.

EAN 4260245433438

This balances the increasing need for tension as the screen is extended due to the increased weight of fabric and the increased susceptibility to external forces, e.

However, preferably each motor individually communicates with and is controlled by halcomazter main control unit. The motion control PCB 34 receives the command via hacomaster The slave keeps locked to the master location.

The controller 6454 of each end unit 2021can implement a number of different halcomasfer. Master local controller 64 receives this data and limits the drive velocity of the roller system in accordance with this so that the storage roller and end unit velocities remain synchronised.


Both end units each also have a rotary encoder 11as can be seen in FIG. Where a large canopy is involved, a significant retraction force is required which can be difficult to provide. The control unit of the invention also preferably comprises an interface to hapcomaster a conventional awning controller of the type designed for controlling a single motor to be used to control the apparatus of the invention.

Other covering systems have a covering screen attached to moveable wires that are operated to extend or retract the screen.

In this way they may be controlled to prevent sagging of the screen during extension or retraction. In a deployed state, if an end unit moves so that tension is reduced, the control system will output an appropriate control signal to that end unit driving motor to drive the end unit back to the correct position so that tension is returned.

When the screen has been deployed to the desired position, the clamping systems are clamped to the wires thereby maintaining the screen in the extended position under tension. A single motor may be provided with an axle arranged to drive rollers on a plurality of wires.

Whilst in this mode the master PCB 60 monitors its position and calculates a position error, which is the error between its position and the position it should be at. This comprises a rubber roller spring loaded against the cable 4which is used to measure the distance travelled along the cable so that the position and velocity of the respective end unit can be determined.

The storage roller may be provided with a further motor arranged to turn the storage roller and retract the canopy. When the screen has been deployed to the desired position, the clamping systems are clamped to the wires thereby maintaining the screen in the extended position under tension. The system can be turned off at any point, but if this happens, then the master end unit will no longer be able to monitor its position error and thus ensure the screen 3 is maintained under tension.

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