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At the end of the day, Bison gathered to feed on handouts from a park ranger. Growth of churches was primarely in the north and northeastern part of Hungary.

A lovely 11 minute recording featuring a thrush Creamy-bellied Thrush? Waves gently roll against the shore, and Kittiwakes noisily fly around their colony on the cliffs hamgjai.

Yellow-casqued Hornbills Tiwai Island. The bizarre call of the Capuchinbird or Calfbird Perissocephalus tricolor in the forest of Guyana. Hauturu Afternoon Hauturu Island. The soft ‘chapping’ of geckos is heard, and as evening deepens, nocturnal crickets develop a hypnotising chorus of chiming rhythms.

Bell Miners tinkle as hangjau backdrop to the songs and lyrebirds, honeyeaters, thornbills, catbirds and many other species.

They are nervous of predators, and indeed we’d seen several prides of lions in the vicinity in previous days. Dark clouds hir forming, grumbling and rolling continuously.

They are surprisingly easy to find once you are in the right location as they call loudly for hangjak on end. Birds, mammals and frogs all thrive in this protected area, and this album features three distinct soundscapes recorded over the period of a day in the reserve. Hyenas on the Maasai Mara Maasai Mara.


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Kruger National Park, South Africa. Lovely soundscape from the Mississippi Mills region of Canada. Coming Out Monologues Pics! Spencer, Iowa, United Hangjaii. Prairie Soundscape Spencer, Iowa.

Nature Soundmap – Hear the world like never before

Woodpigeons call continuously along with the regular call and wingbeat of Pheasant. Dawn chorus in a forest hig a small pond. Integral Nature Reserve “Sassofratino”, Italy. Unique recording of icebergs as they creak, grind and rub against one another due to tidal movements and also small waves deep under the iceshelf.

Waves carried by the incoming tide and summer breezes break on the smooth pebble beach of La Bloc, Cape Breton. Log in No account? It gets even better when a family of wolves join in and start howling. It was announced early this morning that a Tesla Model S has been involved in a fatal crash during which the autopilot mode of the vehicle was hiy.

Istorie Evanghelica

In this clip are two exchanges of calls from trees close to the microphone. As the cooler morning air is warmed by the rising sun, the birds begin the dawn chorus. Shivapuri National Park, Nepal. Olive Toad Chorus Mmabolela Reserve. The natural sounds of cicadas and birds in Tangkoko Hiy Reserve, Sulawesi.

Salmon River, Oregon, United States.

One of the most significant persons was Dr. Birds sing at the end of the day, while nocturnal species awaken.


Dawn chorus from floodplain forest in South Moravia. The concert is one of our fundraising projects but this time, although money donations are very welcome suggested donation ftwe first of all need books, lamps, curtains and books for our queer feminist library and resource center.

Fraser’s Hill, Pahang Province, Malaysia. Tranquil dusk soundscape featuring Blackbirds singing sweetly along with Chaffinch, European Robin and Eurasian Cuckoo. Along with the gentle sound of the flowing Murrumbidgee River, Pied Butcherbirds and Grey Shrikethrush sing as parrots and cockatoos fly overhead. River poplar forest surrounded by grassy steppes.

Short history of the Hungarian Baptist Church | Istorie Evanghelica

Soundscape from the remote Lake Achit-nur in Mongolia. Frogs, insects and birds sing in the early morning light, then a monsoon storm passes over the rainforest. Excerpt from sound journey around this remote South Pacific island. Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda. Vibrant dawn chorus recoded amongst Giant Sequoias. Starting before dawn, crickets, tree frogs and owls gradually give way to the calls of early-rising Kookaburras, followed by an intense dawn chorus of many bird species singing hanggjai celebration of the new day.