To avoid confusion and help create safe navigation to mariners of different regions IALA have created a worldwide buoyage system. Region A & Region B. IALA Maritime Buoyage System, Buoyage Regions A and B. This information is believed to be correct at time of issue by IALA (March ). The IALA Buoyage System, for the most part, ended years of confusion for most mariners and The chart below shows the delineation of Regions A and B. IALA .

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Of you which accepted the colour red for side signs of the left hand they rated among ‘A’ region. There followed a worldwide effort to develop a safe, unified maritime ialaa system that could be followed by all vessels at sea.

Isolated danger marks are used to indicate a single hazard, such as a wreck, which has navigable water all around it. Cardinal buoys are equipped with the white lighting about the special rhythm. The shape is an important feature, as colours cannot be distinguished in some light conditions, or by persons with red-green colour blindness.

Gunsan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries.

An attention is being returned that there are still two buoys, which the white light is obeying on, however the rhythm of this light is clearly different and it isn’t possible to confuse him with the rhythm of the white light accepted for cardinal buoys.

The mark has the same shape and main colour as a port- or starboard- hand mark for the main channel.

They are used at the start of a buoyed channel when approaching a harbour from the sea. If there is an installed lighting it has the white colour and his rhythm can be: The IALA chose the two systems in order to keep the number of changes to existing systems to a minimum and to avoid major conflict.


Region B includes North and South America. In ‘A Region’ a green colour is obeying into the day and at night for marking the right side of the fairway, and for the left hand the colour red.

Lateral mark

The shape of additional characters cannot collide with shapes of navigational marks, namely if they used additional characters for marking the left hand of the fairway then they must have the shape cylinder, rather than conical.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This single set of rules allows Syatem Authorities the choice of using red to port or red to starboard, on a regional basis; the two regions being known as Region A and Region B.

In Region B only, the phrase “red right returning” may be used as a mnemonic, indicating that a red mark must be kept on the right when returning to i.

Lateral mark – Wikipedia

Customs Navigation Navigation Publications U. These directions are relative to the direction of buoyage ; this is usually a nominally upstream direction. The colours, topmarks and lights at night of each are distinctive. Lateral marks indicate the port and starboard sides of navigable channels. The arrangement of cones is a sign of situating the black belt in the highest sign of belts.

The rules for System A, which included both cardinal and lateral marks, were completed in and agreed by the International Maritime Organization IMO.

An explanation of the IALA maritime buoyage system

Of you which are taking the green colour for side signs of the left hand they rated among ‘B’ region. A vessel heading in the direction of buoyage e. Number of flashes 3, 6 and 9 in quadrants E, S and W he is facilitating the identification of the cardinal buoys since remembered numbers are forming a relationship with situating kinds of directional marker n, 6 and 9 on the dial of the clock.


They are being syatem in direction the midnight, the noon, the east or the west from danger. These are used in accordance with the direction of buoyage for the region or specific location, as indicated on marine charts. The blinking lighting was defined as the light about 60 or 50 flashes per the minute.

For easy identification, the shapes of the buoys in both regions are different, as can be seen from the diagrams. Cardinal Buoys are pointing that the deepest water ial appearing on the page of the name for the sign.

In on a conference convened by IALA, they agreed to adopt the rules of a new combined system, which combined the previous two systems A and B into one system, with two regions A and B. In IALA Region B the lateral marks on the starboard side of a channel are coloured red and on the port side are coloured green. Recent Posts How to operate a winch Competent crew skills: A special buoy left indicates a special area or an object mentioned on charts or in other nautical documents and publications.