The goal of this study was to compare application of the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED) versus rapid extrication (RE) by emergency medical. KED PRO Extrication Device. The industry recognised Kendrick Extrication Device, originally developed in the late s has been further improved in the form. Ferno K.E.D.® – Kendrick Extrication Device. Add to quote. Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. _KED_Straps. K.E.D.® – Replacement Head and Chin.

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All trial scenarios were done with the seat in a standardized position of The head pad can bring the head too far forward for the side panels to fully immobilize it.

This is not unexpected, as the KED does immobilize the head as securely as possible to the stretcher and backboard. Standards of care in the prehospital setting must be constantly reevaluated.

Open exrrication a separate window. The National Association of EMS Physicians released a position paper last year on the use of longboards, as there is momentum to move away from longboards due to evidence that they can cause skin necrosis, worsen patient outcomes and have not been proven effective.

Each subject underwent two scenarios, one using RE and the other using extrication involving a commercial KED.

Further studies are needed to determine if the KED improves any meaningful patient outcomes in the era of increased evidence-based medicine in emergency medical services. Finally, there are additional concerns regarding the possible increased risk deivce movement of the spine in obese patients. These were asked at different stages: Can be used for multiple patient sizes, including children and pregnant women Color-coded Sewn-in securing straps and snaplock buckles for quick Easy application Benefits Wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, kenrrick, and head during extrication.


The Kendrick extrication device used for pediatric spinal sevice. We measured these variables using a visual analog scale consisting of a mm horizontal line drawn with the two extremes of the variables at both ends. For the backboard-only group, the measurement of movement was made after c-collar application and after they had been correctly positioned on the backboard.

Each rescue trial consisted of the participant and two EMS personnel. Support Center Support Center.

Kendrick Extrication Devices

Built-in handles enable rescuers to get a firm grip on the patient and K. Commonly carried on ambulancesthe K. It should be noted that this was a controlled scientific experiment which is significantly different to performing the skill in the field with its more unpredictable variables. Distributors Northern Ireland Southern Ireland. We conducted statistical analysis using SAS 9. Respiratory effects of spinal immobilization. Based on our findings, we recommend that the utility of the KED needs to be further studied and compared to the rapid extrication technique.

We did not include securing the patients to the backboard. Durable and hygienic — manufactured from composite fibre, easy to decontaminate. Application of Kendrick Extrication Device yellow arrow or cervical collar green arrow. Both patients did perceive movement with the application of either device. If these symptoms are present, the head is immobilized in the position found. D User’s Manual,p. Angle to left after patient moved to backboard. This was done to demonstrate consistency between each trial.


K.E.D., Kendrick Extrication Device, KED

It consists of three straps across the torso, an additional strap for the groin, and another strap that rides over the forehead. Emerg Med Clin North Am. This study received institutional review board approval at our institution, which has a subcontract with our hospital. We ran regression models to examine whether age, sex, height or weight modified the effect of the type of extraction.

Views Read Edit View history. Following application of the leg straps the void between the head extricatiion device is padded as needed and the head is secured.

There are several important limitations in our study.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kendrick Extrication Device. Typically used in conjunction with a cervical collarthe K. This is to allow the patient to breathe easily while the rest of the device is kenfrick. Table 1 Summary statistics for outcome variables using the KED versus RE on 23 subjects, as well as p-value for detecting a difference based on a paired t-test.

The Kendrick Extrication Device shown in Figure 1 with a yellow arrow is used in the pre-hospital environment drvice stabilize patients complaining of neck or back pain after car collisions.