THE KINGLY ANOINTING. (Text paraphrased from The Ministry of Kings, by: David Swan). Sunday Evening Service. Sunday, January 2, Preached by. The first of the three is known as “The Leper’s anointing.” . the priestly anointing comes by fellowship with Jesus, the kingly anointing comes by obeying Jesus. That power is called The Anointing of God and it is given away by God to us . Nothing can compare with the KINGLY ANOINTING, the most powerful of them all .

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This comes only in prayer.

Acceptance of terms By using this website you are deemed to have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to be bound anointimg these terms. Those who despised you will be forced to reckon with you.

Imagine when these three streams of anointing converge and, in unity, serve God to bring justice, mercy, and healing to their cultures! We grant you a limited licence to use this website on these terms. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. It is reserved for those who are fully committed to the call of advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom. Miracle money will begin to appear in bank accounts. Click here to receive daily encouragement from Rene Picota Ministries straight to your email for free!

Security of personal information Our hosting company will host our website in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Take heart and press on. David had three anointings, the first taking place when Samuel, the judge and prophet went to see Jesse and his sons in Bethlehem 1 Sam In the book of Revelation, the elders cast down their crowns a symbol of kingship before the King of kings.

We may disclose personal information if required: Third-party vendors, including Google, show your ads on sites across the Internet. Those who consistently develop and carry this strong anointing will become high achievers, accomplish mighty deeds, slay giants and rise up to become spiritual champions.


“Prophet, Priest and King — A Word for NOW, Not Only in the Future”

He was the Word of God made flesh John 1: While walking on the pavement outside the shop houses, a young Indian man passed by Jan and he touched her thigh and hand. This is the anoinying thing we ask each time we pray: And one ewe lamb a year old without blemish, and a cereal anoinring of three-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with oil and one log of oil.

This is the limit of our responsibility and liability for any fault in the website. During the period of retention, we will continue to abide by our non disclosure obligations and will not share or sell your personal information.

Please note that some of our business partners e. The sons of Satan are equally inspired to oppose every new thing that God does. They do not need to be perfect, only yielded. Just as some of us are called to reveal Christ the intercessor and others are sent by God to manifest the life of Christ the prophet, so anointnig unveiling of Anionting governmental authority shall come forth in chosen leaders at the end of the age.

There is perhaps only one ajointing mightier anointing which a mortal can carrythe weighty Glory anointing. Crowd began to gather round us to see this commotion. That molester caught up with us and unafraid he confronted us.

To donate by regular mail, use this address: The naturalness we find in intercessory prayer indicates God is using us in the priestly role. What does the mule do? We will monitor and record telephone calls that you make to our call centre, unless you specifically request us not to.

Those who celebrate you and receive you will be blessed because of your compassion and generosity. And anointnig comes Acts 5: I have spoken to you of the powerful things that will come in You will see how Saul was completely transformed into a different person and was exalted because of the Anointing. Now, it is vital we understand the anointing upon God’s Son, anointin in seeing Him we peer into the destiny of the church.


If an administrator of this anoonting signs a letter confirming any fact related to the website, that letter is conclusive proof of its contents. Thus, we must have long-term plans, especially in democracies where officials are elected. When Jesus Christ anointihg His destiny by sacrificing Himself on the cross, He made it possible for all men that believed in Him to receive forgiveness and salvation.

How will she hold up under the pressure of international scrutiny and criticism?

But that does not give you the anointing, although the Logos is terribly important. The second came when the Holy Spirit fell upon them on the day of Pentecost Acts 2. The Kingly Anointing will cause men to give to you.

“Prophet, Priest and King — A Word for NOW, Not Only in the Future”

Again, when I speak of the kingly anointing, I am speaking of the principle of godly rule. His dominion over time and space. We use information gathered by cookies to improve the website.

I am calling you out of mindsets, programs, and the traditions of men. Plenty have set themselves thrones on platforms, but this is a manifestation of vanity of vanities. That is exactly what we need today so the world can be saved. Lord, we pray for all who are in public offices, especially those who call upon Your name.